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Enlight Photofox Online application is clearly a great solution for all kinds of photos and pictures with powerful editing tools. Enlight 2 Online can be called the perfect photo editor for you. Photofox Online is image editing software with different effects, styles and filters. You’ll never believe what you can create on iPhone with Enlight Photofox. Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced artist, you’ll be blown away by all the creative possibilities packed into this one sophisticated photo editing app: from layers and blending modes, to special effects,

You can edit the individual layers, erase items from backgrounds, control the opacity of an image, transform the shape, size and perspective, flip layers vertically or horizontally, fill layers with colors or patterns and more. With Photofox photo editor, you’ll turn the ideas in your head into brilliant art from your phone.

Photofox App Online allows you to do creative combinations like superior photo mixing, cut & paste & adjust blending modes, transparency, and transform (perspective change) images.

Once you get the hang of Enlight Photofox App Online you’ll be flying around, because it’s a bit overwhelming and that’s thanks to the user interface which is very smooth, nice, bug free and also very easy to use.

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Offer Enligh 2 Online Download to your friends and family and they will be thankful that you shared with them this amazing photo editor, which is very useful and comes in handy in many different moments. You also will be able to easily share everything that you just created or you already have on your device, computer, laptop, tablet or any other device that is running on Andriod, Windows or iOS platform.

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