Enlight Photofox Pro for Free

Enlight Photofox Pro for FreeAnother great option in Enlight Photofox Pro Photo Editor is that you can edit photos taken by many different photo shooting related applications like Moldiv, VSCO, Picsart, Makeup Plus, B612, Camera360, Aillis, Candy Camera, Beauty Plus, Photo Wonder and any other applications which are used for setting up a photo before you take it, so Download Enlight 2 Pro now and combine it with any other application.

Photofox Pro can be downloaded for free. See our tutorials on How to use Enlight Photofox Pro for Free. If you want you can also see Enlight Photofox Pro prices from and iTunes.

Is it possible to use Photofox Pro for Free? – The answer is yes!

Read the method below to learn how you can use your favorite Enlight 2 for Free

  1. Download and Install Enlight Photofox from App StoreEnlight Photofox for Free with Facetune 2
  2. Go on Backstage screen and then click on “Pro”
  3. As you can see from the picture you can use Photofox for free(at least for a month) if you are already Facetune 2 user
  4. Open App Store, find Facetune 2 and get it for free
  5. Now return back to Photofox and click on first option(see the picture)
  6. After that you will see a box with information about Enlight Photofox Unlimited Access. As you can see if you confirm with your Touch ID you will start using the app for free
  7. Be careful because the renews is automatic and will begin to take you money after the free period and you have to stop it manually
  8. To stop, tap Cancel Subscription in Settings before next payment date
  9. That’s it. Have fun and now it’s the time to unleash your creativity

Тhis is the only method for now that Lightricks provide for free use of Enlight Photofox (Elight 2).

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If you want to learn more about Photofox PRO for Free in different languages, we have articles in few other languages – Spanish and Turkish.

Stay tuned!